Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where does the time go?

4 August 2015

Today is my third wedding anniversary.  My wife and continue to work on making our house into our home.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything and I hope to finish so I can start enjoying our home as we should.

Early last month I was putting up lights in my shop.  I need a about 3 full days of work to finish.  Then the cats started using the new deck as a litter box.  So I stopped working on the lights to resolve that issue.  Choir is starting this week and I need to make a custom music stand for my wife.   I planned to build the stand this past weekend and then return to the cat issue, so I can finish the lights.  I came home Friday night to a flooded kitchen.  Seems the builder did not bother to put a drain pan under the water heater. 

I plan to install a new water heater in the new addition we built last year.   The addition is on hold so I can finish the lights in the shop.  As a temporary repair I drained the water heater, put a pan under it and piped it outside.  No more flooded kitchen, but the cat project is delayed another week, the light project delayed yet another week and the addition project is delayed still another week.  The music stand is also delayed along with all of my extra stuff I want to do.

I feel like a Fire Chief that is so busy putting out fires he doesn’t have time to enjoy life.   I want to spend quality time with the wife and family, catch up on my blog, do some shop work, play with my Volkswagen, return to the gym, sort my photos and edit my videos.  So until I get caught up and get these fires put out extras have to wait.

Stay tuned for more…