Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Where does the time go?

4 August 2015

Today is my third wedding anniversary.  My wife and continue to work on making our house into our home.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything and I hope to finish so I can start enjoying our home as we should.

Early last month I was putting up lights in my shop.  I need a about 3 full days of work to finish.  Then the cats started using the new deck as a litter box.  So I stopped working on the lights to resolve that issue.  Choir is starting this week and I need to make a custom music stand for my wife.   I planned to build the stand this past weekend and then return to the cat issue, so I can finish the lights.  I came home Friday night to a flooded kitchen.  Seems the builder did not bother to put a drain pan under the water heater. 

I plan to install a new water heater in the new addition we built last year.   The addition is on hold so I can finish the lights in the shop.  As a temporary repair I drained the water heater, put a pan under it and piped it outside.  No more flooded kitchen, but the cat project is delayed another week, the light project delayed yet another week and the addition project is delayed still another week.  The music stand is also delayed along with all of my extra stuff I want to do.

I feel like a Fire Chief that is so busy putting out fires he doesn’t have time to enjoy life.   I want to spend quality time with the wife and family, catch up on my blog, do some shop work, play with my Volkswagen, return to the gym, sort my photos and edit my videos.  So until I get caught up and get these fires put out extras have to wait.

Stay tuned for more… 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

I am finally back again.

I can’t believe it has been over a year since I wrote anything in this blog.  I need to commit to doing a better job of maintaining this record.

A great deal has happened but I haven’t posted anything.  A short list:
Last year I had eye surgery 3 times.  The first was for a detached retina and I suspect I did it to myself.

I re-acquired my 1900 model Seneca Falls STAR Screw Cutting Lathe for turning metal parts.  It works but needs some repairs and cleaning.  I also acquired all of the parts to make repairs.  The lathe is driven by leather belts, so I purchased leather to make new drive belts.   I also purchases parts to allow me to turn wood parts on the lathe by using proper tail stock for wood and the bits for the holding the wood on the headstock.  I also picked up a set of chisels for turning wood. 

My shop now has some new tools for woodworking.  A table saw, 14” band saw and a sliding miter saw.  I also picked up a very old Craftsman table saw and a radial arm saw.   The radial arm saw will likely go outside into a shipping container and I will use it for special projects.  The old table saw is in limbo as I am not sure what to do with it right now.

I started a special trailer project to carry our luggage and supplies for traveling.  I call it the “Covered Wagon”.  Using EMT conduit I bent a hoop frame to convert a landscaping trailer into a fully enclosed trailer to protect our suitcases and Linda’s scooter from the weather.  We used the trailer on a trip to Disney in Florida and then another trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  We quickly discovered that we need a better cover than a tarp. 

This year I covered the trailer with corrugated metal.  We made a successful trip to California, through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona we returned through Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and returned through Texas.   As usual we stopped at various National Parks, Death Valley, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon North Rim and finally Carlsbad Caverns.

Finally I successfully found someone to create a logo for Skully Wood and Metal.

I promise to do better and create more posts in the future.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1974 Thing - Work Continues

The local Aircoolers Gang Chapter is having a show / get together on the 31st.  We bring our VWs no matter the condition.  My car was in the first one and almost every show for the past eleven shows.

I got the Thing out of the shop and started a good wash job.  The poor car is filthy.  It has not been washed since it was in California almost two years ago.

The wheels are in very poor shape, rusted and flaking paint.  Just to help the poor car out a bit I have ordered some plastic hub caps just to cover the wheels for the show.  The right side rear door is slowly rusting away.  It has a hole on the outside and the entire bottom is rusted through.  This car has never been outside for the past 10 years and no water has been sitting in the door like most neglected vehicles.   I can't explain it except that Rust Never Sleeps.

I made a list of the issues I need to work.  It is not in order of priority.  It is just a starting place for the huge amount of work this car needs.  I will keep you posted.

1974 Thing Issues
·         Wheels - Need stock wheels cleaned and powder coated
·         Brakes – Bleed and adjust brakes, possible disc brakes in future
·         Front right fender damaged
·         Rear right fender damaged
·         Rear right pontoon damaged – remove and repaint both pontoons
·         Body damage on front right door
·         Repair interior rust gash right rear seat area
·         Running board missing
·         Front bumper rusting – remove and repaint possible powder coat
·         Rear bumper damaged – remove and replace with scooter carrier
·         Stereo not working
·         Paint in poor condition all over car
·         Upholstery faded and poor condition
·         Dash board paint needs to be all one color
·         Engine oil leak
·         Engine fuel plumbing needs improvement
·         Engine oil cooler needed