Saturday, May 10, 2014

Photo to Wood Transfer

I am experimenting today with some techniques to transfer photos to wood.  I want to recreate some vintage photo onto a piece of wood.  I am also test techniques to make the photo look older in case I want to make an item look used or worn.

You-Tube has a number of demonstration videos and after watching several I tried a few with some tricks of my own added.   I used different printers and different materials that are readily available at your local art store.

This transfer is a color laser print on regular plywood.

This one is ink jet printed and transferred.

This is also an ink jet print.  I was a bit too aggressive when removing the paper.  It does give it an aged effect.  Right above the "E" is a filled knot in the plywood.

These are some smaller labels. Again I was too aggressive when removing the paper.  I also need to trim closer to the actual photo to prevent the white "border" effect.

Here is the whole set.  I am sure you will see these again on some future projects.

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